Mobile Pay - Quick Start Guide Miura M20 Device - Issued 2020 onwards


Everything you need to get set up.


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Here’s everything you need to know to get Mobile Pay up and running. The full user guides can be found on our website at within our Customer Centre. You’ll find them under the Mobile Pay tile.

  • What’s in the Box?
    • A Bluetooth card reader
    • A micro USB charging cable
  • What You’ll Also Need?
    • A Global Payments card processing facility
    • A mobile device, for example, a smartphone or tablet with a data plan or Wi-Fi access
    • The Mobile Pay App
    • Your Mobile Pay welcome email
  • How to Get Started?
    1. Charge the Card Reader

      Plug the enclosed USB charging cable into the USB port on the card reader (see feature 3 on the image) and connect it to a USB power source. A full charge will take approximately three hours.

    2. Download and Install the Mobile Pay App

      Download the app from the link included in your welcome email or by searching ‘Mobile Pay by Global Payments UK’ on the App Store®, Google Play or the Amazon App Store.

    3. Activate Your Account

      Open the Mobile Pay App and click Activate Account’. Here you’ll enter the 5-digit activation code you received in your welcome email to complete the activation process. Then follow the prompts to set up your password and security questions.

    4. Pair the Card Reader

      Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device.
      a) Press the Power button (feature 12) on the card reader to turn it on.
      b) Open the Settings menu on your mobile device and go to the Bluetooth section.
      c) Press and hold the Enter key (green tick – feature 9) on your card reader until the Bluetooth icon on the screen flashes rapidly.
      d) Select the card reader from the located devices and then tap Pair. The Bluetooth icon on screen will return to a slow flash when pairing is complete.
      e) Open the Mobile Pay App and select the More icon in iOS or the Menu icon in Android
      f) Select Settings and then Card Reader
      g) Select the relevant Card Reader from list of Bluetooth Card Readers.

      Note: The card reader should come into ‘Ready to Pair Mode’ with the Bluetooth icon flashing once per second. If the Bluetooth icon on the screen isn’t flashing, press and hold the Enter key (green tick - feature 9).

    5. Accept Payments

      a) Create a sale via the Mobile Pay App
      b) Insert, tap or swipe the card or payment device to accept payments.

  • Payment Device Features
    1. Magstripe card reader
    2. Charging LED (red/green)
    3. USB connector
    4. Charging cradle contacts
    5. Colour TFT display
    6. NFC Indicators
    7. Keypad
    8. Enter Key
    9. Function key for Bluetooth and WiFi
    10. Clear key
    11. Cancel key
    12. Power button
    13. Chip card reader

  • For Support:

    • Visit
    • Call 0345 702 3344*
    • In the Mobile Pay App, go to More/Help/

    Google Play is a trademark of Google LLC. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

    Mobile Pay is for use in the UK only and requires a Card Processing Agreement with Global Payments. An active Mobile Pay facility and data connection are also required. Terms, conditions and pricing are subject to change.

    *For Mobile Pay technical and ‘How to’ queries, select the option for Card Terminal Support followed by Mobile Pay Support. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

    For other card processing queries, please select the appropriate option. These lines are open 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. If you have a speech or hearing impairment, you can call us using the Relay Service by dialling 18001 followed by 0345 702 3344*

    To help us continually improve on our service and in the interests of security, we may monitor and/or record your telephone calls with us. Any recordings remain our sole property.

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